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Planador DG-800 S 1:3 (blue/silver)

Kit companha 


Suporte para Turbina

Cockpit Básico

Trem de Pouso Retratil

    236" (6000 mm)


     92" (2350 mm)


    26 - 39 Lbs (12 - 18 kg) dry


    100 N


     10 high power digital servos


The DG-800 S from “Schauberger’s Model Manufacture” is known in Germany as the“UNDESTROYABLE”. Sure enough she is one of the fastest, most precise giant scale gliders ever made. CARF-Models has transitioned the extreme aerodynamical performance and  incredible structural strength of the bespoke airplane into professional and reliable serial production. The result is unveiled here and now at JetPower 2014.

Now in Production:

Almost Ready to Fly DG-800S with all carbon wing, seamless glass/Kevlar fuselage, sandwich-Tstabilizer, massive, steel mold manufactured 30mm carbon joiner, FEMA retract, readily assembled, glued and painted canopy incl. special hinge und tow release,  painted all white or in two versions of a brilliant scale design. Ready for installation of 10 high quality standard size servos and any 100 N turbine engine.

More information will follow soon!

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