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Telemetry adapter Spektrum

Adapter to connect the telemetry data from all XICOY and JetsMunt ecus that use a servo lead on data terminal connection  to Spektrum radios trough a TM1000 telemetry module.

Not compatible with DX6/DX7/DX8/TM1100

TM1000 module and X-Bus extension lead (SPMA9579)  NOT INCLUDED

Ecus V6 and older (connector RJ45 8 pin) not supported

Translates all relevant parameters (RPM. EGT, battery, Pump, Throttle and remaining fuel) from the ecu to the TX. "Status" and "Off Cond" not translated.  PLEASE NOTE that the Spektrum radios only allow alarms for RPM and Battery. Currently do not povide a "low fuel" alarm despite having the data.

Check the users manual:  for detailed specifications on each transmitter system.

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