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Kit Pintado no esquema de Cores do David Shulman

Length: 107" (2700 mm)
Servos Required: 8 high power digital servos
Turbine Required: 160 - 200N thrust
Weight: 34 Lbs (16 kg) dry

90" (2300 mm)

Observação: Tanque de Fumaça e trem de pouso vendido separadamente


We are very glad that David "Shui" Shulman became such a great fan of our Ultra Lightning. We were so fascinated by his stunning flights that we decided to offer our Ultra Lightning in is personal "Shui Scheme". Here is what David has to say about our UL:

"My Ultra Lightning is a superb flying machine! This airframe will take all of my intense flying maneuvers and constant knife edge flight with ease. The rudder has so much authority that I feel even more confident rolling into a super low knife edge and not have to worry about any loss of altitude, the 1st jet that Ive ever flown that can do this.

The size of the Ultra Lightning makes it extremely easy to see in any sky condition and the flight envelope is quite surprising, from high speed performance to the incredible slow speed capabilities and simple landing pattern/approaches. The Ultra Lightning also stays firmly planted on the ground when landing, it shows no signs of ever bouncing, even if you have a less than perfect touchdown.

I decided to use the AMT NL Olympus HP for power which allows me unlimited vertical performance and a high energy aerobatic display with a Powerbox smoke system.

You have a winner with this one and Im VERY pleased with my aircraft!"

Please see the required color codes for available touch up paint in the spare parts listing on the right.


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