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Conjunto Roda Pneus e Freio 89mm (3.5 inch) Mains Set, Brake Units, Axles (IAC-4004)

Special features incorporated into Intairco Jet Wheels include:

Larger Brake Unit diameter to provide enhanced braking power and quicker and reliable brake release.
Famous Sure-Stop triple brake piston system which provides accurate proportional control as well as superior braking efficiency.
The air connections on the Brake Units are installed vertically allowing air hookup tubing to be routed directly up the undercarriage leg.
The tyres are manufactured from 80 Duro Rubber making them the toughest compound tyre available today.
Air connections to Brake Units are installed such that the brake units become handed making air tube routing much neater.
Sintered self lubricating bronze bearings for extended bearing life and close axle tolerance fit.
Hardened and precision ground axles for extended bearing life.

Two part wheel rims to make tyre changing straight forward

Intairco Jet Wheels are available in the following sizes:
52mm, 57mm, 66mm, 76mm, 83mm, 89mm, 102mm & 115mm and are available in both brake and non brake versions

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